Thursday, August 20, 2015

Words to Remember

Tot's few remaining mispronunciations:
Hit instead of it. "Hit's a long way to Papaw's house."
Et instead of that. "I saw a new toy et I want to buy."

New phrases:
Right? (Said in THE most Southern sounding way.)
Ain't I? (Ain't is new to his vocabulary. I am currently trying to ignore it.)

Tot: We need to get some ice cream.
MH: Why?
Tot: So I won't be all grumped up on candy later.
(It worked, we bought some.)

Dates are important: May 14:
Tot: Daddy, we are having a superhero graduation from preschool today!
MH called me frantically. I called daycare frantically. Preschool graduation June 4.
Crisis averted.

Tot came out of class with a DumDum sucker.
Tot: This is delicious! It's barrel flavor! (hands me the wrapper)
Me: OH. Root beer. I'm glad you like it.

We live in a rural area of a suburb. Sometimes we hear gunshots. MH likes to guess the firearm used.
Random gunshot:
MH: .22 pisol
Another shot.
Tot. .23 pistol

Tot is suddenly enamored with all things Star Wars. We borrowed all 6 movies to watch with him. He was really super excited to see the very wise green guy: Toyota.

Tot really enjoys a whirlpool bath, which he refers to as a "big bath". I made a bath for him recently, and MH called him to the tub.
Tot: Ooh, that's big! I didn't know it was going to be that big.
MH: That's what she said.
Tot: Do you think she was trying to be nice?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbye Grandma

May 2015
Two days after Christmas 2014, MH's mom was hospitalized. She had many illnesses that were difficult to treat because the treatment for one negatively impacted others, no matter which one was treated. She did improve, and after three weeks, she moved to a physical therapy rehabilitation unit for two weeks, and then went home. February through May, she was able to stay out of the hospital, but was very limited in energy and mobility. The good days were always followed by worse ones. She, a lifetime baseball fan, did attend one of Tot's tee ball games.

On June 4, she was hospitalized again. Her poor breathing required a ventilator. But she got off it. After two weeks, she moved to the rehabilitation unit again. But she was hospitalized again 10 days later. Then we were told that her medical options were exhausted.

We talked and cried and prayed. We decided together, as a family, to stop with medical interventions. She was definitely not "well" that day, but had improved from a few days prior. As I was thinking of a sensitive way to ask her to fully live her remaining days, a sweet nurse came in and shared her own story of a miraculous recovery from a stroke and aneurysm. At then end of her story, she simply said "Live while you're living." It was perfect, and that is exactly what my mother in law did. She left the hospital to stay in a long-term-care facility with hospice oversight. She could come and go as she pleased, but would have assistance for possible falls.

We took her to dinner at a restaurant and laughed and posed for pictures.
July 2015

We brought her to our house and cooked for her and played Farkle.
July 2015

We took her to church. Twice.
Easter 2015
She played bingo.

We went to lunch and watch Ant Man!

She LIVED. We all had a really wonderful two weeks of making more memories while she was here to make them.

November 2011
On July 31, we lost her. Goodness we will miss her.

September 2014
My childhood memories are filled with grandparents. I was fortunate enough to have close relationships with all four of mine. I was sixteen when my first grandparent died. Teen will always cherish the time and memories of his grandma. They were each others' biggest fans. I am sad for him to have lost his absolute biggest cheerleader. Unfortunately, Tot won't have the same grandparent filled memories. In his short little life, he has lost two of the three he started with. Only one remains. We are going to live and love with him too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tee-Ball 2015

Tot played tee-ball this year. He really enjoyed it. It was a learning experience, and he has asked to play again. It did involve a little bit of cat herding. He had nice coaches who understood that they were dealing with little kids. Friends and family alike came to enjoy Tot's team playing their hearts out.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Camping at Lake Nimrod

This year, we decided to dial back our travel from previous travel heavy years. We are vacationing in our beautiful state throughout the year. MH and I have both lived in this state our whole lives yet there is beauty here that neither of us has ever seen. 
This weekend we camped on a lake that fills MH's childhood memories. I didn't know this lake existed. We had a good time getting our camping legs stretched and figuring out what works for us. Simple works best for us. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do you need a hug, Buddy?

Yesterday was a rough day for Tot. He started back in his routine after 13 days off it. His preschool teacher said he cried quite a bit before nap time. He cried after pick up because he didn't have a snack in the car (my bad). He cried in Taekwondo because his buddy (who was being more cooperative) got a stripe, but he didn't. He was having a really hard time calming down.
He was sad. His teacher calmly talked to him, but it didn't help much. Then his teacher stopped the lesson and offered my external heart-drive a hug. Finally, Tot reluctantly performed his pattern through his sniffling, so the teacher gave him a stripe too for demonstrating perseverance. I am so grateful that his young, male teacher was compassionate. What a terrific example for Tot and a great reminder for me.