Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tot These Days

Big, fluffy, white clouds are "happy", like this:

Dense, gray, rain clouds are "angry", like this:

Tot asked if we remembered "Michael". In trying to figure out who Michael was (his dad's friend, who we call Mikey), we asked what he looked like. "He looks liiiiike....a genius." For what it's worth, we told Mikey this story, and Mikey believes Tot to be gifted in the art of reading people.
Tot is still taking karate (taekwondo?). He really is doing well. He has nunchucks as part of his equipment. At the school, they call them "Ssahng Jeol Bahngs". He is allowed to practice with his "real" ones, but not play with them so that the foam outer covering isn't damaged. We got him some for play. He is a fan.
One would think that a sweet, innocent angel as pictured below couldn't possibly use an ugly word like "shi-it" in the middle of a crowded restaurant patio. One would be wrong. One would also be wrong if one thought I didn't laugh the first time he said it because it was so, so out of the blue and unexpected.
Tot finished up a week of swim lessons. He did a great job and showed a lot of progress. If anything, he is dangerously over confident in his own abilities, but it is a relief to see him finally relax enough in the water to fully enjoy it.

MH found him sound asleep yesterday morning with his favorites snuggled in tight. He also found his legs.
Tot's new shoes arrived yesterday. He does indeed LOVE them. "I love these shoes more than Silky." Well, okay then. They are pretty spectacular.

This morning, Tot placed Silky on our bed and said, "Goodbye, Silky. See you later." [higher pitched voice] "Goodbye, Tot!"
He has been complaining of hip pain intermittently for several days. Since he complained at daycare yesterday, we decided to take him to the doctor today (nothing serious and no detectable problem). I told him that I would be picking him up to take him to the doctor later. He asked, "When do I get to be a doctor?" I told him about school, college (like Teen), medical school. I asked what kind of doctor he would like to be. "A red doctor." For the knowledge of all: "A red doctor helps people and gives them super hero bandaids. They can pick out any bandaid they want." 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Perfect Shoes

My kid likes color. It's genetic. The only theme applied to his nursery, big kid room and bathroom was "colorful". He again is in need of sneakers. He still wants vibrant ones. After much searching, I found another perfect pair. I showed him this picture*. He gasped and said, "I LOVE them! Can we GET them?" I guess he approves; they arrive next week.

*image source Amazon

Friday, July 11, 2014

Boot Scootin'

What started with borrowed boots last July turned into a well documented love for cowboy boots. Since last October, Tot has had his own boots to love. We are not a rodeo family. We do not have or ever ride horses. Regardless, boots function very well for his adventures. I would say that at least 50% of his outings involve his boots. As of Wednesday, Tot officially loved those boots to death. The beloved boots had a blow-out.
We replaced them, so now we are ready for Boot Scootin' 2.0.

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Dozen

Yesterday marked twelve years of marriage for MH and me. We both noticed and acknowledged the day and spent it together. We went to church and had lunch together. We went shopping together, but neither of us bought anything. We took a family nap with Tot for maybe the third time ever. MH isn't typically a napper, but yesterday he was. We folded laundry and ate dinner together. It was a slow, easy day together. As much as we go-go-go, it was nice to have a day to do nothing in particular together. In the evening, after Tot went to bed, we talked and recounted our favorite times over the last twelve years. I found myself in a melancholy mood even as we talked about so many happy times we have had together. So many of those times involve people who aren't here to celebrate with us and wish us well for another year. The thing that is the same is us. We are together. For twelve years we have celebrated and loved and grieved and laughed and traveled and napped and folded clothes and talked and shopped - together. We are blessed to have each other. Here's to so many more togethers.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Preschool Wrap Up 2013-2014

Thursday was Tot's last day of preschool. He loved the whole experience of preschool. He is a champ at writing his name now. He can count to 100 with a bit of prompting at 60 and 80. He has loads of interest in spelling and measuring all the things. He is confident and talkative and knowledgeable about things that surprise us sometimes. He's learning to find humor in light hearted teasing - both giving and receiving.
He had an end of year program in which his class sang a few songs. He practiced them at home and had fun dancing and singing. He was ecstatic to see his brother in the audience and audibly told his teacher "That's my brother!". He made new friends and learned so many things. As I've said with every age - this one is my favorite.

His head barely came up to the white mantel 8 months ago.
Telling his teacher ALL about...something.


On Monday, he starts again at the school we left in the Fall. He will go to a different teacher who we know and respect. He will continue to grow and change and learn and surprise us. I can't wait.