Wednesday, December 18, 2013

He's still funny...

He was singing a tune the other day and stopped to tell me, "Mommy, that's not my name."
"What's not your name?"
"That song says Carson Brown, my name is Carson XXXX."
HAAA! He was singing "Winter Wonderland" and will not entertain the thought that the words are "Parson Brown".

He is laying awake at night with thoughts of Santa swirling around in his head, so he has to get up to ask questions to investigate:
"Do we have a chimney?"
"Mommy and Daddy, have you ever seen a reindeer that flies?"
"Mommy, when Santa comes to our house, I'm going to (insert random act of sneakiness)."

We don't follow the rule that Santa only brings presents if you're nice. We say that Santa leaves gifts because he's loving and generous. BUT, we did tell him that if Santa catches him awake that he may not leave any presents, so he needs to stay in bed!

On a typical day, I wear mascara, earrings, casual clothes, and a messy bun or messy waves. We had a few VPs come in, so I straightened my hair and dressed nicely in a black and white sweater and black slacks. I was feeling a little fancy, so I asked Tot how I looked.
MH: Tell her, "Like a trillion dollars!"
Tot: NOOOO! Like a zebra!!
I nearly peed my fancy pants laughing. He's good at keeping me humble!

Teen had a birthday, and is now now longer a teen. Tot helped me wrap Teen's presents. As soon as Teen arrived for lunch, Tot took him to show him his presents. Using his best Vanna White impression, he gestured to the stack and said, "There's a knife in there!" Teen started to be a little miffed at his surprise ruiner, but I reminded him of the time he goofed up his cousin's surprise at her swimming party. As soon as we arrived, he asked her if she was wearing the bathing suit we got her - she hadn't opened presents yet. Teen was NINE.

Good times. Good kids. Good fun.

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  1. That is hilarious!! Now you'll never look at a Zebra the same again!! LOL.


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